LUV WORKING WITH FOKAS STUDIO (music & video) !!!!!!!!

Professional recording studio. Founded in 1991. Specialized in music production, arranging, recording, mixing.
Company Overview
“arranging the future”
Music production:
Full or partial European and American production in collaboration with FOKASTUDIO affiliates. Production of the records for artists signed to labels, but also developing less known artists we believe into.Song outlet and music bank:
From all Greek styles to contemporary R&B, pop, dance songs. You can choose radio friendly tune in Greek or in English. Our bank of music helps you to find a right song, according to your style, taste, target group.

Artist development:
FOKASTUDIO provides necessary image and photographic support for artists, album artwork, logo / brand, promo campaigns, social media marketing (Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, Twitter, etc), video clip production.

Production sequencer and Services provided are:
Multitrack recordings,
MIDI programming, sampling,
Arrangement and composition,
String arrangements,
Training and internship,
Restoration services,
Mixing and processing,
Surround mixing,

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